A time and place to remember what you already know from many many lifetimes.

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The information presented is 20 to 40 years of mystery school knowledge and experience condensed into a 4 day essentials format by Drunvalo and the Ascended Masters.


The Shift of the Ages has dawned. As it unfolds it will trigger a shift in consciousness that will result in ascension. This work will completely prepare you for ascension and change your life here in the third dimension.
  • Receive 6000 year old wisdom of how to enter the Sacred Space of the Heart and the Tiny Space of the Heart
  • Connect your beams of light to the pineal gland and connect the Tiny Space of the heart to the brain
  • Activate and open the Third Eye
  • Connect the brain back to the heart called the single eye of the heart
  • Understand the creation process from the heart (essential when you arrive in the fourth dimension)
  • Receive a process to connect you with your higher self
  • Activate your living, organic, permanent MerKaBa – your human light body – your vehicle for ascension. Without your MerKaBa it is NOT possible to ascend
  • Programming your crystalline MerKaBa
  • Learn the process for creating from the heart
This is a beautiful teaching of the ascension process for these times we are in today; times of expanding consciousness. This work is a compilation of ancient knowledge that has been adapted by the Ascended Masters and given to Drunvalo to meet the lifestyles and needs of our modern society.
 What you receive in this workshop is a gift to yourself that you can take with you and expand on forever.
For anyone who has practiced Drunvalo’s earlier Flower of Life MerKaBa meditation. This new Awakening the Illuminated Heart process replaces that synthetic MerKaBa with a permanent, living, organic MerKaBa field.For anyone who is not familiar with or never practiced the Flower of Life meditation do not concern yourself. This is NOT a requirement or prerequisite for doing the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop.The old method was a very mechanical step by step male oriented method where as the current method is more intuitive and feminine in it’s approach.
According to the Mayans we are in the “window of the end of time” that will last into January 2016 or even into 2017. Sometime during this “window” we will experience a shift in consciousness. There may likely be some physical Earth changes at that time as well. The Mayan’s themselves do not know the exact day or minute. Only Mother Earth knows. She will choose when.The Mayans only know it will happen during this window of time. If the Mayans are correct the key to getting through this shift will be to live from the heart space.
What you will remember in this workshop is that very thing: living from the heart in your daily lives. You will gain the healing, practice and preparedness to connect from the heart in your daily lives once you complete the workshop.
This information is not new to you. You are an eternal being. You are a Master. This workshop is a process for you to access the information you already hold within you. It is a process of remembering.
 June 2012Drunvalo audio… Information on Ascension and the Merkaba

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Kathryn Gorham, Certified Teacher of the School of Remembering

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshops

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