Never ever give up!

I saw this video about a year ago. It was one of those videos that sticks in your mind. It demonstrates to me how powerful our beliefs really are.

Here is someone who was told repeatedly by “doctors” who had more knowledge that he’d never walk unassisted again in his life. This message from these knowledgeable people was powerful. But not more powerful than his own inner strength when he started believing in himself. He never gave up.

This video means more to me now than it did a year ago when I first watched it. My dear friend, Diana, is in a wheelchair and she is calling on her own inner strength to surmount the messages her doctors are giving her.

On June 10th, 2013 Diana was sitting at a red light and just as it turned green a lady traveling between 60 and 65 miles an hour with two children in her car slammed into Diana’s car. Diana’s 9  year old daughter, Isabelle, was in the back seat. She had just asked the little girl to move into the middle so they could talk more easily. When the accident was over the only place in the backseat that was unharmed was in the middle where Isabelle sat. The little one was unharmed.

dianaDiana however was not so fortunate. She has had back surgery and rods put through 4 of her discs. She has been in a wheelchair ever since. For the last four months she has been healing and doing therapy. She would love to do therapy more often, but her insurance limits the number of visits and for her injury type the therapy is $700 an hour. The lady who hit her was uninsured so Diana’s family is coming out of pocket for all their expenses.

[This reminds me to give you my soapbox message… call your insurance agent and ask if you have at least a million dollars in uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. It cost under $200 a year and can be life changing.]

My hope and dream is that Diana will hold on to that amazing inner strength she has demonstrated so far and realize her dream of walking again. If you’d like to see her journey in words and pictures… go to…

Solar Cycle 24

This was posted on today, July 10, 2013 Wednesday

This is an update on Solar Cycle 24.  Since NASA, England and Russia have predicted massive global computer problems during the peak of Solar Cycle 24, then this following information is important.

Solar physicist and sunspot forecaster Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center believes Solar Cycle 24 is likely to be double-peaked, yes one peak followed by another one.  Mr. Pesnell says that a surge in the southern sunspots could herald the second peak, due in late 2013 or early 2014.

This means that the NASA prediction could now come as late as early 2014.  Life continually changes!

Love you guys.


Teacher Certification Letter


sor-logo I received my teacher certification letter from the School of Remembering and Drunvalo on July 1, 2013. I am honored and excited to be authorized to teach the Awakening the Illumintated Heart meditation. I completed my training in Chapala Mexico in May of 2013. I look forward to being of service to the school and to the “rememberees” who are attracted to this work.

In LaKesh


Kathryn Gorham, Certified Teacher of the School of Remembering

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshops

"It's time to remember."