Yes, I’m interested

in attending this amazing 4 Day workshop, Awakening the Illuminated Heart®, created by world renowned spiritual teacher 
and author, Drunvalo Melchizedek, as the culmination of his life’s work.






I might be interested in hosting one of these events in my hometown. How would that work? What would that involve?

  • Hosting a 4 day workshop at your facility (home or other facility)
  • Having a minimum of 6 attendees (you plus 5 attendees)
  • Helping to register and check in attendees
  • Helping to set up and break down the venue
  • Helping to set out and clean up snacks for breaks
  • Helping to keep attendees on time for breaks and lunches
  • Location must have adequate space for exercises
  • Location must have outlets and space for projector and screen
  • Location must have internet access
  • Location must have at least two bathroom facilities
  • Location must be within a day’s drive for Kathryn


If this interests you… contact Kathryn directly and mention Hosting Exchange!

The Host/Hostess in exchange for providing the above list of services attends the 4 day event at no cost.

After the “fall” 13,000 years ago this field around our bodies slowed down and stopped spinning.


It is time to remember who you truly are.

  • You are more than your body.
  • You are more than your programming.
  • You are more than your social training.
  • You are more than your work.
  • You are more than your role.
  • You are more than your experiences.
  • You are more than your memories.

It’s time to awaken.


What’s the most important thing you can do to prepare for a workshop?

dm_folbook_book1Read Drunvalo’s first book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume 1.

Then if you have the time read The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume 2 and his

This will give you a very solid foundation for the information presented at the workshop.

Also please watch the videos on this site. They will be immensely preparatory for what
you will receive in the 4 days of the workshop.



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Next Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop is July 10th – 13th in Cary (Raleigh area), NC

Early Bird Discount good through June 10th

Kathryn is open to invitations to teach in your local area.


Kathryn Gorham, Certified Teacher of the School of Remembering

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshops

"It's time to remember."