Kathryn Gorham, Dowser


  • First you must know that everyone can dowse to get their own answers.
  • So why have a dowser answer your question?
    • The dowser has no hidden agenda and will not be likely to influence the outcome
    • The dowser may be more practiced at the technique and have more confidence (if you are just beginning)
    • The question is the key to good dowsing results and a good dowser will ask the question from many different directions and perspectives
    • A good dowser will also check and recheck to see if they’re getting clear guidance rather than a mind or ego response.
    • Asking another dowser is sometimes a good confirmation of your own guidance
  • A pitfall of dowsing is the quality of the question. Many questions are ambiguous or simply open to multiple interpretations leading to unclear answers or answers to an interpretation of our question that we didn’t intend.
  • What kinds of questions can I ask a dowser?
    • Lost items
    • Health issues
    • Spiritual Guidance
    • Transitions in Life
    • Career Changes
    • Relationships
    • Vitamins and supplement compatibility and dosage
    • Food compatibilities and incompatibilities
    • Decisions
    • Clearing Negativity
    • Energy Levels
    • And much more.
Kathryn enters the heart space to reach the frequency of the heart’s vibration for all dowsing. Dowsing from ordinary consciousness can give mixed and inconsistent results.
Contact Kathryn at to set up a dowsing session.

  • Single Question Session – $44
  • Submit the dowsing issue or question to Kathryn with as much detail as you feel necessary
  • If Kathryn needs more clarity before dowsing she will contact you.
  • It can take a couple of days to get the proper questions clear before starting
  • Once completed you will get a detailed email with the responses derived from the dowsing

Dowsing Questions

NEW CLIENTS –  First single question session FREE. Yes, that’s correct first session is free to new clients so that we can each find out if this can be a good relationship. Simply email your request and in the subject type: New Client.

  • Free sessions are done once a week. Depending on the number of New Clients it can take two weeks (rarely more) for the session response to be sent back to new clients.
PENDULUMS… Kathryn also makes her own pendulums using fishing weights and decorative do-dads (hearts, butterflies, coins, stones, moons, etc.) at the top.The first and the fourth pendulum in the image above are both pendulums from Kathryn’s inventory.All pendulums are $12 plus shipping and handling. Email Kathryn at to order a pendulum.

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book cover
Kathryn is also an author.She wrote, “Fulfilling Destiny: Ceremony in the Yucatan December 2012,” a chronicle of  one group’s experience during the end of the Mayan calendar. Many were called to sacred sites at this momentous time and through the pages of this book you too can immerse yourself in the experience as seen through the eyes and perspective of one person.Follow the link above to take a look inside at the content and some of the 130+ pictures on Amazon.

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