Discovery of New Mayan Codices at Uxmal

Uxmal Mexico – May 2014 – Over 1000 Mayan Codices (books) were discovered. Another event proving the Mayan prophecies which say that their knowledge will be returned to them now, before the shift, so that they may remember. Powerful.



Deep inside the jungle of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, near the pre-hispanic city of Uxmal, a team of archeologist from the university of Boston in collaboration with local archeologists from the University of Mexico, have uncovered yet another pyramidal structure estimated to be 1,100 years old. But even more surprisingly enough, satellite imagery confirmed the existence of a secret chamber where the team found thousands of mayan codices, a discovery that could shatter previous views and shed a new light on our understanding of mayan culture and the sudden and tragic destruction of their civilization.

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