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Fun workshop in Cary July 2014

It was a fun workshop in Cary July 2014 group.

Some amazing experiences and deepening of our connection with intuition. Came away with good tools for  awakening, ascension and living our lives from our heart space.

We recommend you join us in the future and activate your light body!

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Awaken – Shift of the Ages

This is a wonderful clip from Shift of the Ages with Mayan Don Alejandro. What a great message and beautifully delivered. AWAKEN.


Some days you just need a chuckle

Some days you just need to chuckle. My husband sent me this link to watch. I laughed right out loud at the end.


I was walking the beach a few days ago in the early morning with my dog. The sun was not yet up. So I took out my cell phone and did a short minute video of the event.

Afterwards it reminded me of what we are all going through right now. We are awakening just like this beautiful morning. Our breath is our rhythm just like the ocean waves.

As a fellow ATIH teacher said to me this is all about finding the spark that allow each of us to remember fully who we are and to awaken to our fullest potential.

Clouds by Zach Sobiech

On May 21, 2013 a friend of mine, Caroline, posted a the youtube video below about Zach. I stopped my busy life and watched the full 22 minute video about this incredible 18 year old.The song, Clouds, played through my head for days. His story has stayed in my heart forever.zach-sobiech-highlight

I googled him and found out he had crossed over on May 20th.  The videos below each had less than a million views at that time.

Today, July 16, 2013 they now show over 7.6 million and 9.7 million views. That’s gold if I’ve ever seen it.

This courageous young man chose to fully live and has touched the hearts of many. I challenge all readers to honor his courage, his zest for life, his great song and his memory by going to iTunes and buying Clouds. It’s 99 cents.


Creation Process from the Heart

Today, July 12, 2013, I slept in for the first time since having a new puppy over a year ago. When I rolled over it was 8:30am how glorious. Maya, my 18 month old rescue, was stretching and making her way out of her crate (unzip but she like it in there).

After the morning routine with puppy I settled in for meditation. I don’t do the creation process every day, but today I felt compelled to play.
I connected with mother earth, father sky, self and felt the love flow between all. I was playing with feeling the consciousness of everything. Since everything is just consciousness anyway. I checked my beams and then decided to do the creation process. I completed the connection with the third eye and the sphere around the head.

P1100758Once in place and the tongue massage still going I focused back in my heart space. I was there for some time and it came to me I wanted to create something for work, real estate. I created the image of two buyers I’ve been working with finding homes. Then an impulse came to find a buyer for one of the homes I’ve had listed for a while. It’s a serene sound front home with a pier and boat lift. I saw the sellers being very happy and joyful. I felt the house getting new love and attention.

In 6 months I haven’t had any serious inquiries. Within 4 hours I had an email in my inbox from an out of the area agent asking serious questions on this home!

My response: Thanks Universe… that was fast.

Charles Gilchrist and the Golden Mean

gilchrist-art1Charlies Gilchrist is an amazing sacred geometry artist.

Follow the link below to download some SG (Sacred Geometry) templates.

This page has some great hints on using the templates.



Watch his video below on the golden mean. If you have any interest at all in sacred geometry his work will inspire and excite you.



Tell me about your RAK today…

Tell me about your RAK today… Random Act of Kindness.


Kindness is the highest form of wisdom. Everyday is a day to share some kindness. Take notice in every act there is a gift for yourself as well.


Kathryn Gorham, Certified Teacher of the School of Remembering

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshops

"It's time to remember."