Angel Ceremony

ANGEL CEREMONY – Opening day of this 4 day workshop begins with an amazing angel ceremony. Be a part of this event May 23-26

Everyone has at least 2 angels here on Earth today, because we are living in a polarized universe so 2 is the minimum. On the first day of this incredible adventure you will engage in a ceremony where you will invite one of your angels to join you and be with you throughout the whole 4 day process.

This is a very intimate and beautiful process.


If you are considering joining this event the best advice is to be open to whatever comes. There are great exercises in energy work, meditation, healing, connecting your beams of light, finding the sacred space of your heart, activating your Merkaba field, and learning the creation process.

This work is designed to be taught in a very specific order and using the exact format as created by Drunvalo. Only certified teachers of the school of remembering are now teaching this information. This work is the per-requisite for Drunvalo’s new work being released the summer of 2014, “The Way to Do Is To Be.” This workshop is being taught by certified teacher, Kathryn Gorham. – Register for this workshop


Drunvlao introduces Awakening the Illuminated Heart


Kathryn Gorham, Certified Teacher of the School of Remembering

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshops

"It's time to remember."